10 Easy and Fun Dog Tricks to Train Your Dog

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Teaching your dog tricks is a fantastic way to bond, stimulate their mind, and keep them engaged. Here are 10 easy and fun dog tricks to train your furry friend:

Sit: Begin with the basics. Hold a treat above your dog’s head and slowly move it back. As their head goes up, their bottom will naturally lower. Once they sit, reward and praise them.

Stay: Have your dog sit, then show your hand palm-out in front of their face and say “stay.” Take a step back and immediately return, rewarding and praising them for staying put.

Shake Hands/Paw: Hold out your hand and say “shake” or “paw.” Gently lift their paw and reward them. Repeat until they offer their paw on their own.

Lie Down: From a sitting position, hold a treat near their nose and lower it to the ground, saying “lie down.” Reward them once they’re lying down.

Roll Over: Have your dog lie down, then hold a treat close to their nose and move it in a circular motion, guiding them to roll over. Reward and praise when they complete the roll.

High Five: Similar to shaking hands, but this time hold your hand higher and say “high five.” Reward and praise when they touch your hand with their paw.

Spin: Show your dog a treat and guide them in a circle, saying “spin” as they turn. Reward and praise when they complete the spin.

Bark on Command: Encourage your dog to bark by using a trigger word like “speak.” Reward and praise them when they bark. Then, introduce a “quiet” command and reward them when they stop barking.

Fetch: Start by teaching your dog to retrieve a toy. Throw the toy a short distance and encourage them to bring it back. Reward them when they do. Gradually increase the distance.

Crawl: With your dog in a down position, hold a treat near the ground and slowly move it away, encouraging them to crawl forward. Reward and praise them for making progress.

Remember, patience and positive reinforcement are key. Keep training sessions short and fun, and always end on a positive note. Use treats, toys, and praise to motivate your dog and make learning enjoyable for both of you.


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