8 Top Quiet Pet Bird Species

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If you’re looking for a pet bird that won’t disturb your peace and quiet, here are eight top quiet bird species to consider:

Budgerigar (Budgie): Budgies are small parakeets known for their charming personalities. They have soft chirps and are relatively quiet compared to larger parrot species.

Canaries: Canaries are famed for their melodious songs. While they sing, their volume is generally pleasant and not overly loud.

Finches: Various finch species, such as Zebra Finches and Society Finches, produce soft and musical chirps. They are well-suited for apartment living.

Lovebirds: Lovebirds are social birds with gentle voices. They communicate through soft chirps and make lovely, quiet companions.

Cockatiels: These small parrots have whistles and chirps that are generally softer than those of larger parrot species. They can mimic tunes but at a lower volume.

Bourke’s Parakeet: Known for their calm nature, Bourke’s Parakeets have soothing, soft calls that won’t disturb the peace.


Pionus Parrot: Pionus parrots have a quieter demeanor and produce low-pitched, melodious sounds. They’re known for being relatively mellow.


Parrotlets: Parrotlets are tiny parrots with sweet voices. While they may occasionally chirp, their volume is generally manageable.

Keep in mind that even quiet bird species may vocalize more during specific times of the day or in response to certain triggers. Proper socialization, mental stimulation, and a comfortable environment can contribute to a quieter and content pet bird. Always research the specific needs of the bird species you’re considering to ensure they fit well with your lifestyle and expectations.


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